Sitab S.r.l. is specialized on the production of high quality abrasive tools; a wide range of products guarantee the possibility to offer solutions for every specific operation.
High quality research and constant supervising of our price/results ratio are the main pourposes of our company, encouraging us to offer our clients :

  • A COMPLETE RANGE of abrasives tools (grinding wheels, segments, files) produced with the best raw material: starting from the tough red-brown, trough the fine aluminium oxide (white, pink, ruby, single crystal etc.) up to silicon carbides (black and green). For the most sofisticated grinding operations a mix of microcrystal aluminium oxide.
  • TECHNICAL COOPERATION to satisfy every grinding problem and optimize the productive cycle by constant monitoring. Results are processed in order to give solutions for the specific needs.
  • FAST DELIVERY for emergency situations. Production programs are often difficult and it is not easy to estimate which will be the future needs. This is the main reason why we offer an emergency production line.

During the past years our excellent organization, applied to our efficiency, helped us to be present not only in Italy but also in Europe, USA, Middle East, India and South America.

The everyday more competitive world environment forces us to keep searching for new solutions and new collaborations.

Sitab s.r.l.